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Children 2-11 years


Our cancellation policy is free of charge up until 24 hours prior to check-in.

€99 / 2 people

Ensure your stay at Josefa d’Óbidos Hotel within 10 days prior to your date of arrival…

Stay one night at Josefa d’Óbidos Hotel and live a creative experience for two, putting your hands in the clay to create your own artcraft pieces. This experience is dedicated to all curious people (but also to professional artists), because the principle is to discuss ideas, take advantage of artistic techniques and apply them to the various materials available.

In this workshop you will return to the ancient crafts of clay moulding, high-fire painting and you will find your own language. All with the support of an “Oestino” ceramist, with more than 4 decades of proven experience in the fields of ceramics and sculpture.

Package available for 2 people in double room**. Since our continental breakfast is optional, it is not included in your rate and may be requested during check-in, with an extra cost, pre-booking, and according to your preferences (buffet at the restaurant and scheduled to an appointed time, room delivery, or take away).

* Activity with a duration of 1 hour and valid for up to 6 people. Available every day from 10am to 6pm, by appointment and subject to availability when booking accommodation. Our partner complies with the recommendations, prevention and sanitary control, set by the DGS.

* The offers/discounts indicated by Josefa d´Óbidos Hotel do not apply to groups, are subjected to Hotel availability, and cannot be combined with any other commercial campaign, discount, offer, or condition. Rates will be applied per room/night and according to the date of arrival and/or duration of stay.  Offer/discount prices, concepts, and expiration date may be altered without warning.

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